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At the beginning of this year, my son started asking me for a pool table. Although he had actually asked for a pool table for Christmas, I had told him as soon as he asked that we simply didn’t have room in our house. Although he was disappointed when I told him this, he got over it, thought of some other things that he wanted for Christmas, and ended up having a wonderful Christmas just like every other year before.

However, the reason that he started asking me for a pool table again earlier this year after Christmas had already passed is because I got rid of a large couch that was in our second living room. I was simply tired of having this couch in my house, and I decided that it would be much better to donate it to the Salvation Army instead of simply letting it continue to take up space in my house when I didn’t like it all. Because this freed up a lot of space, my son realized that a pool table would fit there.

Because he was so persistent in asking politely, I began to consider getting him a pool table. However, I knew from the beginning that I wasn’t going to purchase a new pool table. New pool tables are quite expensive, and I didn’t know if this was something he was going to lose interest in after six months, so I didn’t want to risk wasting a bunch of money on it. Instead, I started browsing around the Internet for used pool tables. I looked for quite awhile (still not sure if I was actually going to get him one), but when I came across a used pool table in excellent shape at a great price, I decided to give in and purchase it for him. He has been playing with it almost everyday since I got it for him, so my used pool table purchase has been a good one so far.

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Converting Used Pool Tables

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Having a used pool table can bring a lot of possibilities that you may not be aware of! First, you have to decide if you are going to sell it or keep it. If you are selling it, well, there is nothing more to do, but we would advise you to think again! Maybe after you see what you can do with it, through a simple conversion process, you will want to keep it!

Ping Pong Pool Table

There are many reasons why people do not use their home pool tables any more:

  • these are very deteriorated and cannot be fixed;
  • the occupy too much space in the house that is now needed for something else;
  • no one plays pool in the house anymore;
  • a new pool table is on its way and you have to do something with the old one;
  • you love recycling old pieces and it is time for the pool table to be converted.

With these many reasons, it is important to find a solution for the used pool table that you own without having to throw it away, put it to pieces or to give it to someone else! There are three variants for you to consider in the conversion:

  • Ping Pong table - you can switch from pool to ping pong, if you got sick of the game. All you have to do is to measure the surface of the pool table and to get a conversion solid top with which to cover it. This way, you can play pool, but you can also play ping pong on the same table!
  • Poker table - start by covering the pool table with a protection cover, so that you will not damage it and then add the poker table cover on top of it and you are all set to start playing!
  • Dinning Room table - plywood is the best cover option for this conversion. All you have to do is to make sure that the sheet covers the pool table properly and that it is stable and you will have the best dinning table in a minute!

Dinning Pool Table

These are just some of the main options that you can consider for the conversion of the pool table. Naturally, there are many more out there, as you can find variants from the ones mentioned above, depending on your needs. Become inspired and create your own multifunctional used pool table and enjoy it more and more!

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Things To Consider When Buying A Used Pool Table

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Having something to play inside during a rainy day is always great. From this point of view owning a pool table can be a good idea. Actually, many people love to play pool and which place is better to enjoy a game than your own home? Still, purchasing a pool table can be quite an important investment. Luckily, you can nowadays buy great used pool tables and save a lot of money.


When looking for a pool table, the offers are limitless. There are numerous brands you can choose from and various designs. However, before making up your mind which pool table is best to use you should consider the following things:

  1. The room in which you will locate the pool table. Naturally, you will have to make up your mind on the location for your pool table before buying it. Depending on the space you have, you can decide on the size.
  2. Costs will vary a lot from one seller to another. This is why it is very important to consider all possible options before making up your mind on which one to choose. Research for lower costs and always consider the features and details of the pool table.
  3. Quality is also important. Buy a used pool table only when you are sure it is in a perfect shape. If the pool table will require repairs or maintenance, you will loose more money that what you first thought.
  4. Consider the model you want to purchase. This way you will know what to look for. 
  5. Be careful at hidden costs. Whenever you are buying something you need to make sure that there are no hidden costs. Otherwise you will turn out paying for a used pool table more than for a new one.
  6. Many used pool tables that are old have been moved several times. This means that you may have problems with their quality and some repairs will have to be done. 
  7. Make sure that there are no scratches on the surface of the pool table.


Benefits of used pool tables

Used pool tables have become quite popular nowadays. If you are careful enough when purchasing them you can actually make a great deal. In fact, there are numerous advantages that used pool tables offer:

  • Low cost;
  • Great designs;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Durability;
  • Availability on any size.


Used pool tables are perfect for beginners, too. They are the best game tables to have at home to enjoy great entertainment nights with your friends while saving a lot of money.

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Buying A New Or Used Pool Table

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Buying a pool table can be a great choice for anyone, due to the fact that it is a sure means of entertainment and of having fun for the whole family and for your friends. Since billiards is one of the best games that you can play with people of all ages, it is one of those activities that encourages the development of a wide variety of skills. You will not only simply be having a great time, but you will also learn a lot in terms of aiming, concentrating and coordinating your moves.

Therefore, it is obvious that you have to buy a pool table. The question that remains is what kind of a pool table? New or used? In order to make this decision in the proper way, you have to comparatively analyze the advantages and the disadvantages of these two types.

New pool tables



  • never been used;
  • all new equipment, right out of production;
  • warranty;
  • perfect for professional users.


  • high priced;
  • warranty does not cover lack of playing skills, which may affect the structure;
  • not very suitable for amateur players.

Used pool tables



  • lower price;
  • perfect for beginners;
  • lower maintenance costs;
  • all used parts are suitable for home usage.


  • no warranty coverage;
  • history of usage and transport are unknown;
  • internal system may be dysfunctional. 

As you can see there are equal advantages and disadvantages on each side for the used and for the new pool tables. However, if the situation is for you to buy a pool table at home, for your personal usage and for you and your family and friends to actually learn how to become better at pool, it is best to opt for a used one, as it is not worth making such a major investment on a new one at this point.

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Brunswick Used Pool Tables

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Brunswick is one of the main manufacturers of pool tables in the world. They have started out a tradition business, through which they have managed to make the whole world take notice of the amazing products that they can provide. Brunswick has been the number one pool table producer in the world ever since they came into the market in 1845. The selection of pool table models, whether it is new or used, from Brunswick is the choice for all people, as the company produces top quality products with a long warranty period.


The beginnings of the Brunswick empire have been located in a small wood shop in Cincinnati, where John Moses Brunswick used to build carriages. He was a very talented individual, with a great passion for the art of sculpting in wood. That is the main reason why he became fascinated with pool tables after seeing one for the first time. Therefore, he started out with the creation of the designs which were soon to become the famous Brunswick pool tables.


The first pool table was produced by Brunswick in 1845 and by 1850 the brand was known internationally, for its amazing design and craftsmanship. Due to the amazing quality and professionalism with which the Brunswick pool tables have been created, they are appreciated throughout the world. More to this, the brand offers a lifetime warranty, as the pool tables they create are bound to be your companions throughout the years. That is why they are the perfect types, if you are looking for used pool tables.


Brunswick manufactures two different collections of pool tables: Traditional and Modern. Traditional models have maintained the feel of the old-fashioned pool tables. They appear to be rich and luxurious in their classiness and most definitely suitable for gentlemen lounges. Modern models are more useful in bars and in other clubs, which provide the opportunity of playing pool for their customers. Regardless, both collections represent the best pool tables that can be found on the market, which insure tradition in making, in high quality and in professionalism.


There are many reasons why people opt to buy used pool tables. One of the main ones is that they want to have this amazing game possibility in their home. If they cannot afford the price of a new pool table, a used one is the best solution. Through the fact that they will be opting for Brunswick used pool tables, they will have nothing to worry about, due to the fact that these can be easily maintained in a perfect condition. Buyers will not have to fear internal damages or any hidden problems, as Brunswick pool tables are very resistant and easy to maintain.


On the other hand, some people may consider opening a pool table bar or a club. Since the investment in such a business is large from the start, people may want to save some money where they can, such as through buying Brunswick used pool tables. The results will be amazing and the business is bound to take off, due to the fact that the customers will be very satisfied with the quality of the pool tables provided and they will probably not even notice that they are used, if they are kept in the proper way.

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What You Should Know About Murrey Used Pool Tables

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Nowadays, there are numerous pool table manufacturers and many famous brands, so we can surely say that in case you made up your mind about buying a pool table for yourself, you will have from where to make your pick. Brands include famous names such as Branum, Brazza Billiards, Great American Recreation, Northwoods Pool Tables, Old Town Billiards, but also Imperial Games Tables. Murrey Pool Tables are also very popular today. As their costs can be much decreased if you decide to purchase used pool tables instead of new ones, you will actually be able to save a lot of money when buying an amazing product. Pool or billiard are fascinating sports that many people like to play at home. Only when having your own pool table, you will be able to have a great time, each moment you desire.

Murrey pool tables are able to easily impress with their elegant, stylish and really beautiful designs, but with their portability, too. This means that there are Murrey pool tables models which are actually very simple to move from one location to another. Before buying your pool table, you should be very careful at two important aspects. They are the table size and the play area size. Table size is important, as you need to be certain that your pool table will fit the location you plan on placing it to. Play area size is crucial, as smaller tables will not offer you the same playing experience as bigger ones.

Color is important, too, at least when talking about the general design of the room or the back yard you plan on placing your used pool table into. Colors can include tour green, English green, dark green, but also electric blue, navy and academy blue. Red, camel, gray and black pool tables can also be found in sale. Designs can also vary a lot from one Murrey pool table to another, so make sure to check as many items as possible. Cool table pools are also popular nowadays, as they can surely be described as unique. Luckily, online you can find numerous Murrey pool tables to make your pick. As imagined, used pool tables are also available in numerous models and colors, naturally, at a lower cost. With a used pool table you will definitely enjoy saving important sums of money, while still being able to play your favorite game, as often as you want.

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Cavicchi Professional Used Pool Tables

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If you are very passionate about pool and you want to purchase used pool tables, then you should know that you now have the possibility. What has most characterised Cavicchi Billiard Tables in all these years is without doubt the unaltered taste for handicraft traditions. These traditions together and combined with the new technology and big investments, have allowed our professionalism to attain more and more prestigious aims, so that we have become one of the leading companies on the market. The main features of the used billiards tables are elegance, robustness, and attention for details, together with the excellent playing performance characterising all the models of Cavicchi Billiard Tables. These are the qualities are most appreciated by the greatest billiard champions of the world.

If you add to this a customer service which is always precise and punctual for spare parts as well as for maintenances, you can understand that everything is cared for in every little detail by qualified professionals. If you want to purchase one of the many models of used billiards tables, you have many models to choose from. Moreover, you will benefit from the help and assistance of professionals. Therefore, you can choose Cavicchi billiard tables without any hesitation, as the world champion billiard is used by the Italian Federation for the most important and prestigious events.

If you decide to purchase a used table from Cavicchi, then you should know some important pieces of information. For instance, when you want to transport the pool table, you can use pool table wheelers. Thus, the mechanics will lift the pool table from underneath the frame and position the pool table wheelers underneath the four table legs. The pool table can be pushed onto carpet, laminate or hard wood flooring. This is a popular option for the customers that are having the flooring replaced underneath the pool table. When the flooring is being replaced, the billiard mechanics can put the pool table on wheelers ahead of changing the flooring.  When the carpet is being laid, it is necessary to have a large enough room that the pool table can be moved out of the way for a section of carpet to be installed. The pool table can then be moved onto the installed section of carpet while other sections of carpet are installed. The professional set up of used pool tables take just a few couple of hours. You will also get a lifetime warranty that will underscores the confidence in the quality of the tables and assures you a worry free purchase.

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Tips on Finding the Best Used Pool Tables

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Used pool tables are everywhere on eBay, Craigs List and Amazon. As tempting as it may sound to buy used pool tables, there are some things you need to consider before purchasing one. What does it really cost to buy used pool tables? How about looking under the hood and have a specialist look at every features of the used pool tables? Buying used pool tables present challenges. Unless the seller will allow you to take the table apart, ever a certified table technician cannot tell the true condition of the table from a visual inspection.

You must also take into consideration that there are no manufacturers guarantees on used pool tables. If you buy used pool tables from a reputable local dealer, they will more than often give an installation guarantee or offer to warranty the table through the dealership. Moreover, you must factor in the cost of the tear down, move and reset of the used pool tables as well. When moved or assembled by untrained individuals, three piece slate tables are easily damaged when moved or transported. The charge for a reputable local dealer to tear down, move, and reset the table will range depending on the year, the model and the part of the country where the used pool tables are. Be careful when using contractors who work out of the trunk of their car. Indeed, they charge less but are not certified or insured.

You also need to take into consideration the age of the used pool tables. Most of the used pool tables that are put on sale are three years old. Take a close look at the woodwork. Even some sellers may say that the used pool tables are made from wood, they might as well be made from MDF. When looking for used pool tables make sure the manufacturer is certified, inspect the table in person, take digital pictures, look for any sign of damage, verify that the seller is the original owner, ask them where they bought it and call the dealer for further information.

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Features of New and Used Pool Tables

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Buying a pool table can be a very stressful experience, especially if you have no idea what to look for. There is information and guides all over the Internet for buying a pool table, and each pool table company usually has a guide and it obviously states what their pool table has to offer is the right thing. The main disadvantage to buying a new pool table is that you spend a large amount of money. Hence, why wouldn’t you choose to buy used pool tables? They have the same features at half the price.

If you decide to buy one of the many used pool tables on the Internet, you should consider some aspects. For instance, how much room for the used pool tables is needed? Most buyers do not realise how much room you really need for used pool tables. Consider the size of the sued pool tables from bumper to bumper and measure the size of the cue being used.

Once you have browsed through the many Internet websites and chosen the used pool tables you wish to buy, you should consider some physical aspects. For instance, the legs of the used pool tables should be solid wood. The frame of the used pool tables can vary from MDF to solid wood. Here, it is up to you to what you want. Another important characteristic to take into account when you look at the frame is the beams. Even used pool tables have a centre beam running the entire length of the table, as well as two cross beams.

Even in used pool tables, the slate is the most important part of the table. A three piece slate is the most common feature in new and used pool tables. The pockets can be made from leather, plastic or rubber. Most of the used pool tables have leather pockets. All these features are very important. When buying used pool tables, you need to make sure you read the description and the features carefully, that you know all the prices, shipping fee and crate fee. All the pool tables need installation, so make sure you find an installer in your area.

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Shopping for Used Pool Tables

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If you are passionate about pool, I am sure that the idea of owning your own pool table is very appealing. Have you ever thought about used pool tables? As the popularity of pool is constantly fluctuating, there are many people out there who decide to sell their pool tables. Whether they just grew tired of them or they want to purchase new ones, you could take advantage of their used pool tables and buy one at much lower costs. This is the main advantage of used pool tables: the fact that they can be twice as cheap than the new ones.

Nevertheless, most used pool tables are in good condition. I mean, how much damage can an individual cause to pool tables? They are all very resistant, so used pool tables are most of the times in good shape. This does not mean that a prior research does not need to be done. You should also remember that shopping for used pool tables can be quite nerve-racking, since you must be patient and allocate a significant amount of time to this process. If you are looking for used pool tables, asking the owner to show you the table in person is a great idea. In this way, you will be able to see in what condition that table is for yourself. If, however, you have found great used pool tables in another city, you could ask the owner to show you some pictures or to make a video conference.

These details are very important, since you can never know what to expect when shopping for used pool tables. Make sure that you check the manufacturer, size, cloth, cushions and pockets. You could also ask for additional accessories and guarantees. Do not be afraid to negotiate, since you might end up with an even better offer. A great idea would be to ask your friends to make a mutual investment in used pool tables. Shop for one that you all love, contribute to the price together, and then decide which one of you has enough room to have it installed. All that is left then to do is have fun!

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Used Pool Tables For Business

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Some people have always been fascinated with playing billiards, as this is a way to spend your time having lots of fun with your friends. There are many individuals interested in buying their own pool table, but these may come at rather high costs, which they cannot afford. In this case, the solution is to look for online deals on used pool tables. The used pool tables are great and although they are used, you can still have a lot of fun playing billiards on them. Purchasing used pool tables instead of new ones will help you stay on budget and will not throw you off your financial balance. There are many reasons for which buying used pool tables is a great choice. These can be related to business or to private uses.

If you are thinking of opening a small bar and want to gather up more customers, you can opt for used pool tables. Offering people a chance to do something fun and exciting can be really great and it can enlarge your customer base. The used pool tables will come in handy in your business start-up as they will not exceed your budget, but will ensure a fun experience. A bar with billiards is a lot more fun for people and if you provide the necessary means for them to play, they will come back for more. Even though you are not providing new equipments for playing pool, you can keep customers happy by taking good care of the tables and tools. You can even recondition the used pool tables you have purchased, so that they have a better aspect and do not look used any more.

Starting off with your bar business will be made a lot easier with the help of used pool tables. You will have more customers and a wide variation of groups of people coming to your bar to play billiards and to have a drink. Start looking for deals online today and find out more about how you can recondition these used pool tables, so that they look as good as new.

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